Pressure washing your roof can remove moss, algae and other growths that are taking up space, blocking sunlight and causing your home to absorb more heat. It can also help your air conditioners function more efficiently by improving their reflective properties and lowering cooling costs.

Before you start, make sure that all your roof gutters are clear of debris and cleaned out. If they aren’t, the high-pressure water may damage them. This can lead to leaks and other issues.

It’s important to find the right cleaning product for your type of roof. There are several options, including sodium hydroxide, which is a common solution that works to kill algae and soil. It usually requires more physical agitation than sodium hypochlorite, but it does not damage adjacent plant life or latex paint.

Apply the cleaning solution with a garden sprayer or pump-up sprayer and allow it to soak into the surface for about 10-15 minutes before using the pressure washer to clean. You can use the cleaner on the entire surface of your roof, or you can work in sections and spray one area before moving to the next.

Rinse your roof thoroughly before it dries to ensure that all the stains are gone and the roof is clean and dry. You can use a garden hose or an electrically powered nozzle to rinse your roof, but you should avoid using a high-pressure hose because it could cause damage to your shingles.

Wear protective gear and make sure your ladder is secure and steady before you climb up. This will protect you from falling and hurting yourself or damaging your roof.

Wash your roof in small sections and slowly move to the next section, so that you don’t get too wet. This will reduce your risk of slipping and getting injured, as well as making it easier to focus on completely removing grime from the surface of each section of your roof.

Adjust the pressure if necessary, but don’t increase it beyond adequate force to loosen and peel off moss or mold. You don’t want to use more than 1500 PSI because that can tear off your shingles and potentially damage your electrical system.

Always use a 35-degree nozzle when pressure washing, and make sure that you are facing your roof towards the gutters and not the top of the house. This will distribute the pressure over a wide area and prevent it from concentrating and blasting grit into your shingles, which can shorten their life.

You should also check the roof for damaged shingles and other problems before you start. If you see anything that isn’t quite right, repair it as soon as possible to avoid further damage and costly repairs.

You should also be very careful when using a power washer on your roof. It is very dangerous and can cause a lot of damage, so it’s best to hire a professional Alexandria, VA power washing services to handle the job for you. For more details visit